My Life Inventory: A stream of memories… the world through my eyes.


I am currently going through a blogging course called Write Your Worth by Alicia Cain. She is guiding us through the process of finding our unique voice and telling our story. This Life Inventory is one of our first activities, which is to go through our memories and document what you saw, felt, did, experienced. Even if your observations were of big world events or something you witnessed happening to someone else, you were still present for them and experienced them, and what you saw became a part of who you are. Here is my list:
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Fighting for the Truth – A Call to Stand Up and Impact Culture

Cross in heavenly sky

So last night I had this crazy spiritual warfare dream, I felt like I needed to share!  In the dream, I was part of a small group of believers living in a shaky political climate, there was just a lot of stuff going on and it seemed like the country (wasn’t clear which) was falling […] Read more…

When We Lost The Baby ~ A Story About Grief & Loss

Girl Sits In A Depression On The Floor Near The Wall

This is my story about the miscarriage I had a couple of months ago. It is a story about grief and loss, and God working me through that experience to end up in a place of acceptance and finally peace and joy. Its been quite the journey and its not over, yet… but I wanted to share […] Read more…

Three Things to Say to Your Child Every Day


   I see you.  You matter. I love to watch you.  “When spoken and repeated every day,” she writes, “these messages begin to take up residence in a little one’s soul. He begins to believe in his worth. She begins to carry these messages with her. He learns how to see others. She learns how […] Read more…

Guest Post : A Heroic Love

Medieval knight against hill full of crosses.

This story is my own. I was born a hero, and her a heroine. I will not be silenced, or become a victim. I am a fighter. I fight for love, for freedom, and for justice. I believe in the victory, and the power to overcome. We have not been forsaken, but have been given […] Read more…

Allowing God to Name You ~ Turning Your Ashes into Beauty


Don’t let your past heartaches and disappointments define you. Today is a new day and His mercies are new. He calls you up and out of your past. He names you beautiful, beloved, and redeemed.   Our job is to seek out what God has named us, and operate in that new name, going forward. Our actions and […] Read more…

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