What is a Busy-Bag? One of the Best Ways to Keep Your Toddler Occupied! (Plus Resources for Ideas)

Magnifier magnifing the pile of letters.

If you have a toddler of your own or have ever watched a toddler, you understand this strange phenomenon they have where the most random, ordinary things in your home, are one-thousand times more interesting and engaging to a little one than the toys you spent good money on. Sad, but quite often true.

Toddler love to sort, organize, touch, tug, pull, scribble, stack. The name of the game is physical exploration and experimentation. This is the stage where they really focus on mastering their fine-motor skills and making connections on how things work… and concepts like cause and effect.

So your toddler keeps getting into all the things in your home that are not traditionally for children. What do you do? Fight it or embrace it? Why not make this interest in ordinary things and discovery and use it as an opportunity to inspire and engage your young toddler.

Enter Toddler Busy-Bags!! What is a toddler busy-bag, you ask?  Read more…

There is Magic in Every Sunset, and this Breath could be Your Last


Ever have one of those epiphanies where you realize the moment you are currently in is so incredibly special, and that you will never have a moment quite like it again? Some days we are so caught up in the hum and drum of life that we forget how unique and amazing each gift-of-a-moment truly is. This breath you are breathing could be your last… and that makes it beautiful.

This is how sunrises and sunsets make me feel. I think God specifically designed them (in part) with the human soul in mind, knowing we would need some kind of a breathtakingly gorgeous natural display of His glory to snap us out of the numbed-dull state we so easily fall into, as the weight of our responsibilities and worries seem about to crush us. But it is all an illusion. In fact, life is a vivid, exciting, awe-inspiring experience, given to us to reflect a Holy Being our souls are just dying to know more. Read more…

Let the evening come, and the day’s burdens go

Mulled Wine At Romantic Fireplace

“Lord, we let evening come & let go of the weariness, of the edginess,
let evening come & let go of the weight of things done & not done, said & not said, held tight & not held tight enough.

We let evening come & let the day’s burdens go
and linger with its blessings… the grace of Your caress in forgiven things.”
#HonestPrayers #1000Gifts — with Urmilla Dias.
 Read more…

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